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Thermal Inkjet Printer And Handheld Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridge

Different color ink cartridges,fast dry,high quality and best price.
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Thermal Inkjet Printers Ink Cartridges Colors

Thermal Inkjet Printers Ink Cartridges












How to maintenance

Fast Dry Inks cartridge

Materials required for cartridge maintenance:

1. Wiping material requirements: non-woven fabric;

2. Material requirements of non-woven fabric: polyester fiber;

3. Anti static grade 03.

Ink cartridge wiping method:

The wiping method of water-based ink: 1. Spray an appropriate amount of distilled water on the non-woven fabric; 2. Lay the non-woven fabric flat, with the nozzle down, gently and slowly wipe the nozzle to one side; 3. If the nozzle is seriously blocked and still cannot achieve good printing effect after wiping, soak the cartridge nozzle in warm water at about 30 ℃ for 5 minutes, and then wipe the nozzle with clean non-woven cloth wetted with distilled water; 4. If the above wiping method still cannot be solved, please send the ink cartridge back to our company for maintenance.

Solvent based ink wiping method: flatten the dry non-woven fabric, wipe the nozzle downward and gently to one side; Do not wipe the nozzle with other solvents such as water and alcohol.

Cartridge storage

HP oil cartridges should be stored in a cool environment and protected from direct sunlight. When the ink cartridge is not sprayed, take it out of the equipment immediately, wipe the surface of the nozzle, cover it with a ferrule, keep the nozzle facing upward and place it in a closed and clean space.

Precautions for cartridge ferrule, cartridge unpacking and shelf life:

1. Please use the original standard ferrule for the ink cartridge;

2. It is forbidden to share cartridge ferrules for different types of inks;

3. If solvent based ink is not used immediately, do not open the original packaging!

4. After the outer packaging of solvent ink is unpacked, please put it into use immediately and use it as soon as possible!

5. Please ensure that the solvent based ink is used up within the warranty period!

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