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Tij Printer Batch Coding Printer Thermal Inkjet Printer for Expiry Date Coding

1.High speed Variable Date Marking and Coding Machine.
2.It widely used for Bottle, Carton, Medicine Box, Plastic Jars, Boards, Pipe, Cable, Electronic Parts etc.
3.It could print time, expire date, batch code, QR code, barcode,BMP Logos and etc.
  • VD1-4

  • Danmajet

Product Introduction

VD1-4 variable data printing system is a new industrial printing system with high resolution and high printing speed developed based on thermal foaming TIJ2.5 technology. It can print high-quality text, digital variable data, various types of one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and other information with various packaging production lines, printing platforms and offline platforms.

Support cascade printing of six controllers, which can print different contents, and can also achieve 12-inch (304.8mm) seamless wide-width printing to meet the needs of inkjet solutions in digital printing, packaging and other industries.


CO127 Type(12.7mm per head,can be 2-24 heads seamless joint or separate)


VD1-4 Type(12.7mm per head,can be 2-24 heads seamless joint or separate)


DM254 Type(12.7mm per head,can be 2-24 heads seamless joint or separate)

Product Details

Print Head

The TIJ2.5 generation inkjet technology is adopted, and the print height of a single print head is 12.7 mm.

Maintenance-free thermal foaming technology printing nozzle(TIJ).

Double-row spray hole structure, single row of 300 spray holes, can meet the requirements of single-head monochrome spray printing.

DPI & Speed

Print high-resolution text, variable barcode and QR code with a resolution of 300 × 150dpi to 600 × 600dpi.

High-speed printing can be realized. The maximum printing frequency of 300 * 300DPI is 31/s.

Printing Information

There is no limit on the content and quantity placed in the editing interface to meet the different needs of customers.

It can print static text, picture, barcode, dynamic barcode, variable QR code, text, counter, picture, time and date, real-time data, etc.

Up to 180 kinds of barcode can be printed, including one and two dimensional barcode: EAN128, Code39, Code93, Code128, Data Matrix, MaxiCode, QR-Code, UDI code, etc.

The system supports the connection of multiple external databases (txt, excel, supervision code data, etc.).


Seamless Joint Port、Net Port


Support multiple external sensors (NPN type, contact type)


300PPI Encoder

Power Supply

Single-phase,110-120VAC 50/60Hz 3.2A

Single-phase,220-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.6A

Working Environment

Temperature 0 ℃~40 ℃, humidity 10%~80%

Instore Environment

Temperature: - 15 ℃~85 ℃, humidity: 5%~95%, non-condensing environment (ink cartridge described separately)


Solvent/water-based ink, anti-counterfeit UV ink and various original inks are available.

Applicable materials

Materials such as plates, ceramics, food bags, outsourcing boxes, beverage bottles, medicine boxes, labels, metal cans, etc.

Applicable industries

It is widely used in food and beverage industry, daily chemical industry, wire and cable industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry and tobacco industry.

Product Features

1. Multiple (2-24) nozzles can be flexibly combined and seamlessly spliced.

2. DPI can be flexibly set (150-600DPI).

3. Support real-time code printing and multi-head independent control functions.

4. Software and hardware optimization design, strong anti-interference ability.

5. High system integration and simple installation and maintenance.

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