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UV DOD Ricoh Heads Printing System

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UV DOD Ricoh Heads Printing System

Damajet Drop on demand UVLED DOD inkjet printers of the new generation captivate with astonishing and brilliant printing quality.

The newly developed UV inkjet printer generation provides a cross-system printing and coding solution for applications in a variety of industries. The printers impress with their outstanding print quality, high speed, and they offer a scalable print from 54 mm and work on a large number of substrates.

Monochrome or full color, and flexibility – the DoD UV inkjet printers of the latest Damajet generation combine the productivity of commonly used offset printing with the flexibility of digital printing technology. This offers unexplored possibilities for personalization, serialization and late stage customization of a wide range of products including graphics, pictures and text elements. Compared to offset printing this approach allows production of small batches with high cost efficiency.

High contrast and durability

In combination with the specially developed UV LED curable inks from our Japanese partner, the print heads satisfy all requirements regarding availability, reliability and usability of the systems that are equipped with the new printer generation. Moreover the printouts produced with  Danmajet are lightfast and resistant to water, solvent, and wear.

Automated cleaning and capping station ensures best availability

Equipment details and options make the DANMAJET UV DOD family high efficient printing systems. For example, the fully automated cleaning of the ink jet nozzles ensures consistently perfect print quality and best availability with minimum maintenance. The non-contact cleaning process ensures a minimized consumption of the UV ink while at the same time improving the availability of the print heads. The circulating ink system avoids cavitation effects and ensures a trouble-free printing process.

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