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What are the common faults of UV QR code inkjet printer?

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What are the common faults of UV QR code inkjet printer?

What are the common faults of UV QR code inkjet printer?

 DOD UV Numbering And Coding Systems With UV LED Inks

UV two-dimensional code inkjet printer will have various problems after being used for a long time. The common problems are filter blockage, unstable pressure, the impact of nozzle voltage on nozzle, the impact of static electricity on equipment and ink, too high and too low ink viscosity, etc.


1. The filter is blocked and the pressure is unstable


In the ink jet printing system of UV two-dimensional code inkjet printer, such a module combination is used, which includes the main filter, adding pipe, pipe solvent ink and nozzle filter to ensure high-quality charging, so that our inkjet printer can print two-dimensional code with clear, neat and beautiful characteristics and patterns.


As a manufacturer of inkjet printer, the code is simple in the production and maintenance of UV QR code inkjet printer, which can provide users with complete coding solutions and supplies to ensure work efficiency and work effect.


2. Influence of nozzle voltage on nozzle


The voltage of the nozzle can determine the bending degree of piezoelectric ceramics inside the nozzle, so high voltage can also improve the ink jet volume. The manufacturer recommends that the rated voltage of xaar-128 nozzle should not exceed 35V. The lower the voltage is, the better without affecting the picture quality. Practice has proved that the voltage exceeding 32V may encounter frequent ink breaking of the nozzle and reduce its service life.


3. Impact of static electricity on equipment and ink


This problem is often unnoticed. The nozzle is a weak piezoelectric nozzle. During the code spraying process, a large amount of static electricity is generated due to the friction of the code spraying conveyor belt. If it can not be eliminated in time, it will easily affect the normal operation of the nozzle.


For example, the ink droplets are enough to be affected by static electricity to deviate from their trajectory, resulting in virtual scattering and flying ink on the picture. If the static electricity is too large, the nozzle may be damaged, and the computer equipment is prone to code scrambling and crash under the influence of high static electricity, and even burn the machine circuit board.


4. The ink viscosity is too high


Too high ink viscosity will cause the ink to stick in the ink delivery pipe, resulting in insufficient ink supply, insufficient ink jet and color fault. Especially in winter, the temperature is low, which is more prominent.


5. The ink viscosity is too low


The ink viscosity is too low, the ink is too diluted, and the ink jet speed is fast. The ink sprayed on the bottom lining will be reflected back to the nozzle, causing the ink to accumulate on the nozzle and block the nozzle. Spraying the same color for a long time is more prominent.

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