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How much is an inkjet coding printer?

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How much is an inkjet coding printer?

With the continuous changes in the market, whether in the identification industry or automation supporting industry, the changes will be more obvious in the identification equipment market, especially in the inkjet printer industry market in 2021. So how much is an inkjet printer?

Many years ago, we analyzed "how much is a inkjet printer". At that time, we mainly analyzed and interpreted the brand, type and customer needs of inkjet printer.

Today, many years later, we continue to interpret the price of inkjet printer, which will involve more aspects, such as industrial transformation, automatic product identification, and the impact of the arrival of industry 4.0 on our market.

The equipment of inkjet printer is finely divided. The amount of money varies according to the product configuration. The manufacturer needs to allocate the product attributes, configuration and functions according to the customer's needs, so that customers can spend the least money to buy equipment suitable for their own products, reduce the procurement cost and indirectly improve the factory efficiency.

UV DOD Digital Printer

TIJ Coding machine

For example, pipe factories often need a stable machine with low consumption of consumables and can work continuously. The demand for content is only the general application of Chinese, digital and English.

For example, electronic factories often need machines and equipment with a high degree of automation. From servo motor and PLC circuit control to automatic one key product code spraying, variable bar code and two-dimensional code spraying, they all have new requirements for machines.

The basic function classification of inkjet printer will be clearer. The basic version of small inkjet printer and more intelligent automatic inkjet printer will form two camps. In 2021, more automatic supporting equipment will be involved, such as our common automatic inkjet platform architecture, so as to carry out high-speed and batch coding on irregular products. Industry 4.0 promotes the process of automatic overall identification scheme.

In recent years, the concept of automation has been publicized more and more widely. The specific manifestations in the identification industry are automatic identification and code spraying, online communication, intelligent remote control, anti-counterfeiting application of QR code and bar code, big data processing and analysis and platform product management and control.

Control and traceability can be started from the production source. The establishment of traceability and traceability system platform can effectively ensure every link of the product.

It not only improves the standardization of the factory and makes the cost controllable, but also improves the product quality and quality control, which can enable consumers to buy more assured genuine goods and ensure the quality.

Overall, how much is a inkjet printer? It is still a topic that varies from person to person, but the same thing is "one price, one goods". High quality and high configuration inkjet equipment are often not cheap.

In particular, it can meet the complete set of identification solutions for factory automatic code spraying, and it is not a problem that can be completely solved for tens of thousands of USD. With the demand differentiation, the price polarization of inkjet printer will become more obvious in 2021.

Customer demand is our direction. The identification industry faces a very large customer group, ranging from food, beverage, daily chemicals, drugs to industrial electronic products, cables and pipes. Customer demand is also different, and the demand difference becomes the fuse of price change.

Simple requirements: such as production date, validity period, batch, specification and model, and company name printing. The manufacturer has realized the product classification from low-end, middle-end and high-end through product segmentation. Generally, one low-end inkjet printer is about 5000USD; A middle-end inkjet printer is generally about 20000USD; A high-end inkjet printer is generally about 50000USD.

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