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Price and future development of handheld inkjet printer

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Price and future development of handheld inkjet printer

Price and future development of handheld inkjet printer.

The industry innovative application of handheld inkjet printer has led the development of identification equipment in this era. Unconsciously, great changes have come. More users begin to pay attention to the field of handheld machines, and gradually introduce this intelligent device into industrial packaging identification to solve various problems in product identification and enable production, processing and manufacturing.

In the field of one object and one code, we are faced with difficulties such as equipment communication, online connection of different equipment and connection with MES \ ERP of the factory. Many traditional small character inkjet printers can no longer meet this demand. The handset is famous for its low price and perfect function, and timely enters various industries to bloom.

With the maturity of the inkjet marking equipment market, the functions are more diversified, the price is more transparent, and the application in different industries has also improved. Today, Danmajet will share with you the analysis of the relevant price status and future development trend of some handheld inkjet machines.

1、 Price status of handheld inkjet printer

If we want to have an exact understanding of the price of handheld inkjet printer, we need to make a deeper analysis and understanding. First, there should be a distinction between the types of handheld machines. This distinction can be made from three dimensions: brand, specification and model.

Brand, there are many manufacturers of handheld inkjet printer in China, while some foreign imported brands are relatively few, which is also caused by the characteristics of handheld inkjet printer. Foreign brands are mainly HP and HP providing ink cartridge technology and ink cartridge. Many domestic brand manufacturers are supporting assembly machines based on HP ink cartridge technology.

Specifications mainly refer to the types of inks of the inkjet printer, including oily ink and quick drying ink. The structure of the handset is relatively special. The ink and nozzle are generally integrated to form a nozzle. After the ink is used up, a new ink cartridge will be replaced. At this time, the nozzle is also new, which will greatly reduce the operation failure rate, which is also the advantage of the handset.

The model has been greatly improved from the printing effect to the scope of use. From the coding of the product itself to the packaging identification, the handheld inkjet printer can not only be operated flexibly by hand, but also be converted into an online inkjet equipment through simple support modification, which has a great impact on the small character inkjet printer market.

The price of hand-held inkjet printer with perfect mainstream functions is now about 500USD.At this time, when purchasing, users should pay attention to the brand, product hardware, software, after-sales service support and other relevant information to avoid buying disposable products.

Handy Inkjet Printer for Logo Barcode Date

2、 Future development trend of handheld inkjet printer price.

Cost is a key link that can not be ignored by customers using handheld machines. Although the integrated design of nozzle greatly reduces the failure rate, it also leads to the high cost of ink cartridge, and the ink content is slightly less, only 42ml. In continuous mass work, one ink cartridge will be used up soon, with high comprehensive cost.

In the future, on the one hand, it is to improve the ink capacity of the ink cartridge, so as to prolong the cycle of replacing the ink cartridge in the work. On the other hand, it is to improve the printing range and the width of scene application, so as to further expand the sales range of the handset and reduce the cost from the side.

On the one hand, the cost composition of a handset is the output effect. The more production, manufacturing and sales, the lower the comprehensive cost (human and material resources). On the other hand, it is technological innovation. More targeted technological innovation can also effectively reduce the production and R & D cost of handset and bring better economic benefits.

It is boldly predicted that in the next five years, the price of basic handsets will reach about 500 USD, and the price of smart handsets and large format handsets for high-end applications will remain about 500USD.

In terms of ink price of handheld ink cartridge, with the increase of output, the price will be gradually and orderly reduced. At the same time, the type of ink will be further expanded, which has new application space and development prospects in more industry fields and more product materials.

3、 The difficulties faced by the development of handheld inkjet printer.

Another problem we can't ignore is the limitations of handheld inkjet printer. Handheld printer has existed a long time ago. One of the important reasons why it has not been popularized is its limitations. With the development of ink and ink cartridge technology, it has entered the vision of more users in recent years.

Facing some high-end application requirements, such as high-speed online coding and mass coding, there are requirements for ink adhesion or content type (such as variable QR code or bar code) or communication online and integrated use, the handset still needs some time to develop and adapt to meet some more difficult identification application scenarios.

In terms of miniaturization, handheld machines do better, and they are also very excellent representatives of many intelligent inkjet printers. In some industrial identification application scenarios, they often encounter small space and bad environment. At this time, small volume becomes very key, which can better support and carry out system integration.

The increasing application of one object and one code forces many traditional inkjet printer brand manufacturers to upgrade their technology to meet the needs of development. Handheld machines are no exception. The technology is becoming more and more mature, the hardware system is becoming more and more stable, and the software expansion and communication online ability are also very strong. There is a very large development space in the future. Better development will bring user value-added, Enhance the comprehensive value and experience of product identification.

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