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What are the good suggestions for buying Chinese inkjet coding printer

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What are the good suggestions for buying Chinese inkjet coding printer

What are the good suggestions for buying Chinese inkjet coding printer?

First of all, a clear question, is it really very different to buy inkjet printer in different regions?

Yes, because we face different brand suppliers. Even if the product quality of the same model inkjet printer can be guaranteed, the service quality may not be guaranteed. We need more energy to judge.

Generally, the quantity and quality of inkjet printer manufacturers or suppliers (agents and brand dealers) will be better, because in the face of more stringent customer needs, the software can be developed independently, the after-sales service is timely, and the inkjet printer is stable.

High Speed Variable Data Inkjet Printer

Danmajet will offer you good suggestions for purchasing inkjet coding printers.

Generally, we can compare from the following points:

1. Brand.

2. Service.

3. Price.

When it comes to brand, we all think of brand appreciation at the first time.

It will not be small factories that can form a brand effect, especially in the field of inkjet printer. There are only a few well-known brands and domestic brands.

Brand value represents comprehensive ability, mainly including product quality, stability and performance. In terms of quality, we can know that all Xi'an imported brand inkjet printers use core imported parts.

For example, the pressure pump adopts American mic pump and the solenoid valve is also imported from Germany. In the supply chain, it has achieved globalization and pushed the quality of the whole machine to a new level, so that users can have a clear comparison of use experience.

With the above points, we will have a very strong premium ability and give users a sense of gain and trust.

When it comes to service, the first thing we can think of is after-sales capability.

UV digital inkjet printer (ink machine) is composed of ink path and circuit.

DOD UV Numbering And Coding Systems With UV LED Inks

The relative failure rate of circuit part is low. During installation and commissioning, do a good job in grounding to ensure that the static electricity is within a reasonable range. During daily operation, pay attention to startup and shutdown according to normal procedures, so there will be no problems.

Compared with the traditional ink jet printer, the failure rate of the laser jet printer will be much lower. It can be said that there is basically no failure. As long as you pay attention to the daily maintenance and cleaning work.

In order to better serve foreign customers, our machine has been tested repeatedly before leaving the factory. It is stable and the software operation is simple. We provide 24-hour telephone technical support and remote guidance.

When it comes to price, in addition to comparing prices, we also need to pay attention to model selection.

There are many types of inkjet printers, including small character, large character, handheld, high resolution, thermal foaming and other inkjet printers, as well as CO2, optical fiber, UV and other laser machines.

The price difference of these machines can be said to be very different.

When selecting, you must select according to your actual application scenarios and needs.

For example, if we want to complete the coding of beverage bottles in a high-speed assembly line, we will give priority to UV variable data inkjet printer in consideration of environmental protection and later use cost.

At this time, the inkjet printer ink is the core of the price difference. We should select and adapt according to the production line speed and output, and the price is meaningful at this time.

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