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What should be pay attention to and common problems in carton printing of UV inkjet printer?

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What should be pay attention to and common problems in carton printing of UV inkjet printer?

What should be pay attention to and common problems in carton printing of UV digital inkjet printer?

While using the inkjet printer, we need to pay attention to many problems. Today, Danmajet will briefly introduce what matters need to be pay attention to when using the UV inkjet printer and the frequently encountered repair problems, hoping to help you.

Carton Printing Machine Integrated Digital Variable Codes Printing System

Paper Sheet Feeder Transportation Machine

Five matters needing attention in carton printing with UV inkjet printer

1. The commonly used material in the packaging carton is screen paper, which is different from ordinary white paper. It is necessary to pay attention to the reflectivity of the paper on the corrugated paper, which will affect the identification of the bar code.

2. When selecting inkjet ink, high-performance inkjet with good color fastness, low air permeability and moderate ink diffusion should be selected to ensure the high quality of bar code spraying code.

3. Attention should be paid to dimensional accuracy during bar code printing of corrugated boxes. The surface of the carton may not be completely flat, and the stress may be uneven during transportation, resulting in the bending and deformation of the bar code. The bar code shall have a certain fault tolerance range when ensuring the accuracy.

4. Bar code has strict requirements on bar spacing ratio, so it is necessary to ensure the stability of production line speed. If the speed of the production line changes, all these will lead to the change of the length of the sprayed content. For text content, the change of length generally will not affect misreading, but for bar code printing, the change of bar code length will change the blank rate of bar code, resulting in code unrecognizability. If it is impossible to ensure the stability of the spraying process, a synchronizer shall be configured to ensure that the printing speed of the inkjet printer is synchronized with the production line speed.

5. Before batch printing of bar codes, bar code printing test shall be carried out to ensure that bar codes can be scanned and read correctly. Because the barcode is read by special equipment, different from reading the text information directly with the naked eye, check the correctness of the barcode content before mass production to prevent human errors. In the process of inkjet printing, sampling inspection shall be carried out regularly.

Common maintenance problems of indutrial inkjet printer

1. Inkjet typing is not clear and messy.

In addition to the previously mentioned cleaning nozzle and filter before cleaning nozzle, we should learn to conduct preliminary diagnosis and detection from the circuit part to avoid unclear typing, scattering or unstable ink lines due to circuit charging or calibration problems. The details of the circuit part include the measurement of charging calibration, pressure calibration, high voltage measurement, ground wire detection, etc. at this time, we need the meter for auxiliary work. The use and operation learning of the meter are also essential. If you want to become a master of inkjet printer maintenance, you should understand some circuit knowledge step by step from the circuit ink path, It is a faster and more stable way for us to solve the problem.

2. There is a problem with the nozzle of the inkjet printer.

The nozzle is mainly composed of ink pipe, recovery pipe, cleaning pipe, circuit line, nozzle, high-voltage deflection plate, recovery tank, phase detector, charging tank, etc. Among them, the three tubes in the ink path are easy to cause problems and solve many times. Our inkjet printer ink is easy to dry and solidify, with a time of about 0.3 seconds. It is not used for a long time, or unconventional shutdown, which can easily lead to ink accumulation in the pipeline and nozzle, resulting in pipeline blockage.

3. The spray head of inkjet printer is cleaned frequently.

All users who use the small character computer inkjet printer will encounter the problem of cleaning the nozzle. In daily maintenance, the inkjet printer manufacturer generally requires the user to clean the nozzle after each use. In the internal program setting of the inkjet printer, there are also inkjet printer cleaning settings. You can set several cleaning cycles, which generally takes 1 to 2 minutes, Use the cleaning pot to squeeze the cleaning agent against the nozzle.

To sum up, the above articles hope to help you with the five matters needing attention in carton printing with UV digital inkjet printer and the common maintenance problems of industrial inkjet printer.

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